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Custom Prom Dress Project


What happens when you come into Beauty By Design with your grandest prom dreams? Magic. With Deborah Block as your fairy godmother. Your wildest (princess) dreams are about to come true. We’ve talked about couture at your fingertips, and here, she’s bringing it to the dance floor.


Why settle for a dress a dress off the rack? Or - gasp! A dress someone else will also be seen in during prom season in your insta-feed. There is couture here in MN, at your fingertips. At Beauty By Design. Deborah works with you and all the elements of designs you like to create the most beautiful design that is sure to turn heads (and maybe make your date drop to their knees).


From the very beginning, she will work with you by taking your inspiration and making a dress that is just right. For you. With every detail perfectly planned and executed. Want feathers and lace? Awesome! Want it short and long? You get what you want! Want it in a neon color (or not!)? There is not only no judgment, there is only how bright. And trust me, she will make you shine.


Here, client Malaya worked closely with Deborah to make sure her look was just right. Here are the images that Malaya sent over for inspiration. 

By sending inspiration-pics, combining elements from different looks and putting her dreams in good hands, her perfect prom dress came to life. From lace and feathers to impeccable stitching and fit, Deborah creates beautiful dresses that will fit like a glove and be sure to stop everyone in their tracks.


And, hey, why not honor your great-grandma by upcycling that vintage dress that’s in the back of your closet because it doesn’t really fit or has a weird coffee stain? That’s what she does! She takes memories and makes memories. Couture memories. Magic. For you. For prom. So, get it.


(No, seriously, you can click here and start the process of customizing your own tailor-made dream prom dress. Right. Now.)