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Crafting the Wedding Dress


Your wedding day dreams.

The day you stayed up past your bedtime dreaming about when you were six years old, perfecting all the details. Back then you chose red roses because they smelled of romance, you chose mid-afternoon in summer because you wanted clear blue skies as you exhaled “I do’s”, you chose Justin Timberlake, your first celebrity crush, for the end of the aisle because you loved his curls, and you chose a classic ballgown because you wanted to feel like a princess.

Your Wedding day is here.

But now you’re all grown up and your wedding is real, it has a date and your real love at the end of the alter. Despite changing almost every detail since that fateful night at six years old, you still want it to maintain its dreamlike awe. You know the first step to doing that is creating the dress that makes you feel like a bride. You know pieces of what you like and what you don’t but it’s hard to make your dreams tangible, this is where we come in.

Having the perfect dress is a big deal.

Deborah Block of Beauty By Design in Minnesota understands how special a bride’s wedding is and how big of a role her dress plays on that occasion which is why she is dedicated to custom making couture wedding gowns for her clients. She is committed to working through the smallest details with her clients in order to bring to life a creation straight from her clients inner most desires.

Design and Craft the Dress


In her latest project, Deborah created a fairy-like dress brushed with delicate lavender leaves and pastel blue flowers made from the bride’s mother’s bridesmaids’ dresses. She sat down with the bride and discussed in detail the cut, the fit, and added embellishments.

Crafting the Gown:

With these details in mind, Deborah went to work crafting the gown. She reshaped the dress to hug the bride at her waist before cascading down to the floor. The dress turned sheer around the neck before flowing softly over the brides shoulders with flowers intricately sewn in the material. Deborah believes in dresses that were made for their bride which is why she held multiple fittings to perfect the dress’ shape and adjust the sleeves to fall daintily down her shoulders.

Weaving the brides history through her dress.

Deborah was delighted she could not only make the bride a beautiful dress that would float down the aisle in the intimate outdoor setting, but also remind the bride of the love shared between her mother and father. Not only was the bride’s dress made from her mother’s bridesmaids’ dresses, but those original dresses were made by the bride’s grandmother. Deborah was honored to weave the brides history through her dress, a history that was giving her away to her next stage in life.


Deborah, turns dreams into reality.

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