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Couture at your fingertips


Couture at your fingertips. Beauty by Design brings high fashion gowns to you right here in Minnesota. Why wear an almost-perfect dress when you can realize your vision of a dream dress? We’re not talking about plugged in measurements and a bargain version of the hottest trend. We’re talking couture.

Couture is unique and fashionable. It is flattering design and quality construction with impeccable fit. Deborah Block of Beauty by Design is a true artist with fabric and an experienced seamstress who understands that every woman should be treated like a queen and have a fully customized experience in fashion, whether it’s for your big day or any occasion where you want to make a statement. Deborah creates designer dresses that reflect each woman’s unique vision - from simple elegant lines to the more complex, and they are always a showstopper.

Bring your dream dress to life at Beauty by Design.

Deborah loves to take your ideas and come up with the perfect design for you. This is where experience counts and Deborah shines. Her eye is on every detail for you.

You may have thought you’d have to travel the world or hope for the best on the internet, but it is indeed here in Minnesota at Beauty by Design. And shopping at Beauty by Design couldn’t be any easier. Sit down with Deborah and get the star treatment. You’ll see the difference right away.

From the very beginning of your first consultation, you will see your dream dress come to life as Deborah draws up your one of a kind gown. Then, feel the difference - couture at your fingertips means just that. You will not only see how fit can make a difference, but you will feel the luxury of having a couture dress impeccably created for you. No stressing, no wondering, no surprises.

Don’t go store to store just to settle on an almost-perfect dress. Don’t live in fear with online shopping only to end up buying a backup dress. Invest in yourself and make your statement. Visit Beauty by Design, right here in Minneapolis, MN and let designer Deborah Block bring couture to your fingertips.

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