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A New Kind of Shopping Experience


It is extremely rare to find a wedding dress that is handmade, let alone one that is made from natural and sustainable fabrics. The majority of the products being offered in the mainstream market are mass-produced and made from polyester or other cheap materials. A polyester dress is affordable but does not look or feel as elegant as a dress made from natural fabric. There is a certain life behind a dress that is handmade that can be felt by the wearer. The positive intention that goes into the special garment is carried out to the intention of the special occasion the dress is created for.

When creating Beauty by Design, we began with a lot of research to find eco-conscious designers that create beautiful and sustainable gowns at an attainable price. We started with a long list, then analyzed each designer to decide which ones to call, then called each designer to decide which ones to visit. The process flowed naturally, and by the time we had it narrowed down to five, we realized each company has different aspects of socially responsible clothing as well as different design inspirations.


Visiting each designer made us fall in love with them even more! Being invited into their showroom to see how they sell their gowns, then being invited into their studio to see where the creation happens, showed us how much they believe in what they are doing. Touching, feeling, and seeing the dresses in person helped us solidify our decision because we know that it is a quality product that our customers will love.

It is important to us to get a wide range of designs, styles, and sizes, to show how socially conscious shopping can mean many different things and that it’s not just for one type of customer. We made sure to keep our prices at mid-range level to show that handmade dresses are attainable. We are excited to show the beautiful and elegant eco-friendly dresses that are for more than just the “tree huggers”. We believe our customers will be able to feel the difference when shopping at Beauty by Design. We see the growing interest in eco-friendly practices and socially conscious shopping and know that we are that option for bridal wear in the Twin Cities.