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Deborah has been designing and sewing most of her life. She loves the process of imagining a design and then developing it into a real garment. She has many years of experience in making custom clothing of what others desire. Being able to serve people and help them feel beautiful is a rewarding part of Deborah’s job. She also understands the importance of sustainability and has made eco-friendly fashion part of her career.





Deborah Block

Deborah started designing and sewing at a young age. She knew early on that she wanted to make an impact on the world with her art of making clothing. She also learned the environmental and social impact fashion industry has on the world and wanted to work to change it. Deborah loves the art of dresses the most and understands how every woman’s body is different. Through her fine craftsmanship of tailoring dresses, she empowers women to feel beautiful in their own bodies. At Beauty by Design, Deborah strives to use sustainable fabrics and methods.